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Natural Bamboo Eco Friendly Toothbrush

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Bamboo eco-friendly toothbrush with biodegradable body. 

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At we feature a precious range of products made from Bamboo. The uses of bamboo are endless, the possibilities are incredible.

Bamboo is an extremely strong and versatile alternative material to bring up opportunities on reducing waste when we consider our everyday products and its environment impact. For so many, considered as a sustainable icon.

Sunglasses frames, watches, souvenirs, high absorption towels and other clothing from bamboo fabric – which is so breathable – charcoal for tooth whitening, reusable drinking straws, solar batteries, bamboo bottles, ecological toothbrushes, speakers, ware utensils, biodegradable bags for pet poop, and so many innovative Bamboo Products you can find at

The incredible features of bamboo makes it a one-of-a-kind material. At the same time you can have soft and nice texture towels, you can have products that take advantage on other benefits of bamboo as being strong, durable, smooth, clean, non-sliding and resistant to humidity.

Bamboo is innovative and eco-friendly: bamboo continuously grows after harvest without having to re-plant it – yes, bamboo has a self-replenishing growth cycle! Also, being the fastest growing plant on earth. Furthermore, bamboo also converts about 35% more CO2 into oxygen than a regular tree, thus helping to offset carbon-dioxide emissions.

All those reasons make Bamboo the favorite when it comes to sustainable materials for products team.

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